Our Annual General Meeting and Election will be held Saturday December 11th, 2021 commencing at 10:00 a.m. (AST)

Board of Directors -

3 positions are available

Reason for wanting to serve:

To be able to work with the team to advance a strategy which will enhance members’ financial

needs and support for value-added benefits for members to cushion the fall out from the economic challenges faced as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Candidate’s Bio

Mr. Glendon Belle is a career Public Officer who has served in many capacities and various departments throughout the Government Service for the past forty (40) years. Glendon has served in many ministries across the service as Clerical Officer, Assistant Accountant and Accountant during his career in the civil service, he is currently a Senior Field Officer in the Manpower Research Accountant and Statistical Unit (MRSU) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations.

He has a diploma in Management from the University of Wisconsin, USA, a certificate in Governance from the Rotman University in Toronto, Canada and a Certified Credit Union Volunteer from CUNA Management School.

Glendon is an avid volunteer in the credit union movement having served in various roles, he was first introduced as a member of the Representative Association of the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited in 1998, was elected a member of the Credit Committee in 2000 where he served as a Member, Secretary and Chairman.

In 2002 he was elected to the Board of Directors where he performed the roles of Assistant Secretary, Secretary, Vice President and is currently President.

Glendon has also served on various sub-committees of the Board Service Quality Committee, Finance and Governance. Glendon has served extensively as Chairman of the Scholarships and Grants and the Social Outreach Committees.

Glendon Belle is a member of the Apex Body for Credit Unions, The Barbados Co-operative & Credit Union League Ltd. where he served as Chairman of the League Credit Committee for over nine (9) years, he is currently a member of the Board of Directors serving as Assistant Secretary. He is also Vice Chairman of the credit unions owned Co-operators General Insurance Co. He is a volunteer with the local Disaster Emergency Management unit of Barbados as a Damage Assessor.

Glendon served as a member of the Board of Management at the Samuel Jackman Institute of Technology as Deputy Chairman.

Glendon is a football enthusiasts and has served on the national executive council of the Barbados Football Association, President and Manager of one of the local premiere league football clubs, Benfica Sports and Cultural Club.

Glendon’s other hobbies are reading, cricket and basketball.


Reason for wanting to serve:

I pride myself on the Credit Union’s ethos of ‘People helping People’ and see this Board position as a means by which to impact even more of our members. I look forward to using my experience to support sound policy decision-making and assisting the Credit Union institution in meeting its objectives on behalf of our membership.

Candidate’s Bio

Valencia Cumberbatch has been a member of the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited for the past 28 years.  She is actively involved in the Credit Union, having served in a volunteer capacity in the Representatives’ Association, the Credit Committee serving in the capacity of Member, Secretary and Chairperson, the Educational Scholarships and Grants Committee where she currently holds the position as Chairperson.

Valencia is currently employed at Goddard Enterprises Limited and has had 24 years of experience within the group of companies.  She is a past President of the Goddard’s Sports Club and has also held positions of Vice President, Assistant Secretary Treasurer and Public Relations Officer.

As a very community spirited person, she has also served as Treasurer on the St. Lucy Parish Independence Committee and is currently actively involved in her community’s Neighbourhood Watch Association where she holds the position of Secretary/Community Relations Officer.  Valencia is also a member of the Western Light Church of the Nazarene.

Valencia holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Labour and Employment Relations from the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus.

Being involved with the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited for over 15 years in a volunteer capacity.  Valencia prides herself on the Credit Union’s ethos of “People helping People” and sees her willingness to serve on the Board of Directors as an area where she can better serve the members of the Credit Union, and contribute knowledge to assist the Board of Directors and the institution in meeting its objectives.

Reason for wanting to serve:

I am a firm believer in ensuring staff are motivated and have all the tools to carry out their duties and once that is fulfilled the Credit Union can reach its true potential.

Candidate’s Bio

Hasani Evelyn is a Personal Assistant to the Hon. Charles Griffith M.P. , Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources. He has an Associate Degree in Sports Management, certificates in Supervisory Management (BIMAP) along with Management Skills Development and Strategic Planning (Barbados Co-operative & Credit Union League) and is currently looking to complete his Executive Diploma in Management through the UWI Cavehill School of Business.

Hasani previously worked at the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited for 9 years and during that time he worked in various departments as a Financial Services Representative in the Savings and Mobilization Department, Member Services Department and the Loans and Disbursements Department where he was a Financial Services Representative Credit Underwriter up until the time he would have moved on.

Some of the duties performed would have been assisting members with queries, performing teller functions which includes assisting members with completing transactions while maintaining the required balancing standards. Providing premium customer service which included the opening of new accounts, responding to customers’ queries and cross selling products and services. Keying of loan applications, facilitating approved loan disbursement by preparing cheques or account deposits as well as interviewing of members and processing and reviewing loan applications.

Hasani has an infectious personality and enjoyed providing excellent customer services to the members, as well as staff.

During his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, reading, co-hosting a cricket podcast (Bench Talk Cricket Podcast), liming with his friends and is a huge cricket, basketball and American football fan.

Reason for wanting to serve:

The greatest honour is to serve. The BPWCCUL continues to be a model institution of financial security, sustainability and empowerment of the workers of Barbados. I will be honoured to serve in this institution.

Candidate’s Bio

Joy-Ann Inniss was the former 1st Vice President of the National Union of Public Workers and the only woman on the Executive, and presently the Chair of the NUPW Gender Affairs Committee. I have always been an advocate for women’s rights, social justice and persons with disabilities. In fact, as an Educator, I have had the priviledge of interacting with some amazing and talented persons with disabilities, who despite public discrimination and ridicule, excelled beyond the society’s expectations.

During my advocacy, I have conducted workshops on “Eliminating Workplace Violence”, Empowerment of women through education”, “Sexual Harassment in the World of Work”, “Know your rights – a trade union perspective”, Understanding disabilities”. Moreover, I have done regional presentations for the Caribbean Public Services Association on:

  • Disabilities and the workplace – A Caribbean trade union perspective
  • Women in the trade union leadership – Crossing the boundaries and breaking the barriers
  • Gender mainstreaming, feminism, gender quality, equity – A Caribbean trade union perspective
  • Gender-based violence – Understanding the issue, finding solutions
  • Moderator of a round-table discussion – The future of our unions and the role of trade union women’s groups and women trade union activist.

In addition, I participated in radio programmes on “Sexual Harassment in the World of Work” and, subsequently, a panel discussion at the Maurice Byer Men’s Health Forum on “The Draft Legislation – Sexual Harassment at Work (Barbados)”. Moreover, I moderated a televised panel discussion on the “Changing World-of-Work, Post-Covid.”

My love for research and the trade union movement motivated me to complete a MSc. Labour and Employment Relations at the University of the West Indies, Cavehill, and my sense of justice directed me to pursue a degree in Law.

Most persons that know Joy-Ann Inniss will tell you that I am an assertive, passionate, no nonsense woman who will fight against any and all injustices. However, my weakest personality trait is my intolerance for the local bureaucratic barriers and poor communication. They are the hindrances for the removal of the cultural practices of social injustices, discrimination and gender inequality and inequity. With that said, despite my ability to carry a fight for justice, there is a softer side. I love to laugh and with a great book – the world disappears, sometimes – just sometimes, to be a less hostile place.

Reason for wanting to serve:

I am an advocate for change and innovation with a focus on members and staff who are primary for the survival of the Credit Union. As an institution we need to be bold and not be afraid to explore new lines of business outside the financial services.

Candidate’s Bio

I am Terrol T. Inniss a Building/Civil and Hydrological Technician, seeking a position on the Board of Directors of the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited. My aim in life is to do the best job I can with the resources at hand in the pursuit of excellence. To lead persons so that they achieve; and I am willing to lead in areas of uncertainty while keeping vigilant to the tasks. To be part of an organization that can make the best use of my skills as I make contributions to its success. I have received extensive training in Corporate Governance and believe that self-governance can only be achieved if individuals practice personal integrity.

As a Certified Credit Union Director(CCD) I understand the need for specific training both for elected officials and staff of the Credit Union so that the full potential of persons could be realized. I am an advocate for innovation and believe it is the engine that drives progress in my organization. It is also my belief that change is constant and to embrace it, shows boldness. Large and complex tasks motivate me, and I work well under pressure managing these tasks and leading people, while motivating them towards the common goal, I have a deep commitment to God and seek to serve him.

Credit Committee -
1 position available

Candidate’s Bio

I am Margo Nicholls an Accountant with the Government of Barbados, assigned to the Barbados Fire Service. I am a former student of the Springer Memorial School and the University of the West Indies where my pursuits were an Associate Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting (Special). I have a passion for volunteerism, which led me to diligently work with the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) in the District Emergency Organisation of St. George.

There I served ten (10) years as the Chairman during my twenty (20) year membership.  I am an active member of the St. Luke’s Anglican Church where I serve as a Chalise Assistant and a former Assistant Treasurer of the church Council.

Most of my leisure time is spent in community work, watching a good movie, reading, and more recently manicuring the garden.

Supervisory Committee -

1 position available

Reason for wanting to serve:

Very passionate about the principles of the Credit Union. I feel that I can help to strengthen the organization by promoting greater transparency and accountabilities.

Candidate’s Bio

Dedicated team player with over thirty years work experience with twenty-nine years working in the financial field. I document, prepare, report, analyze and critically assess financial information to ensure that all international standards are upheld and all legislative requirements are followed.

I have continued to promote transparency and accountability while exercising high ethical standard.

Reason for wanting to serve:

To ensure this society continues to excel. To serve the interests of this society.

Candidate’s Bio

Anderson Levi Shorey has been a member of the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited since the early 90’s.

He is currently Principal Inspector at the National Insurance Department. As Principal Inspector, Mr. Shorey is responsible for ensuring that employers and self-employed persons comply with the statutory regulations and contribute to the National Insurance Scheme.

He is also responsible for supervising the work of Inspectors and providing guidance on matters pertaining to approaches, methodologies and procedures when dealing with delinquent customers of the National Insurance Department.

Mr. Shorey joined the National Insurance Department in 2003 and has also worked in Long and Short Term Benefits, Research and Compliance Sections of that Government Department.

Prior to joining the National Insurance Department however, Mr. Shorey spent seventeen (17)  years as a member of the Royal Barbados Police Force commencing in 1985. There, he served as a member of the Mounted Branch from 1989.

Mr. Shorey is also a certified Bailiff in all jurisdictions of Barbados (Districts A to F).

He obtained his secondary education at the Combermere School and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Sector Management and a Master of Science Degree in Project Management and Evaluation from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

Mr. Shorey has also completed a Diploma in Theology at Codrington College. He has received training in Debt Collecting, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with a focus on Negotiation techniques.

Anderson Shorey has been a member of the Independent United Order of Mechanics since the  year 1998 in the Ionic Lodge #2, operating under the Grand Jurisdiction of the Barbados District Grand Lodge #1 of Barbados, Dominica and St. Vincent.

He has served his Lodge in several capacities and he has also served the Barbados District Grand Lodge as District Grand Auditor, District Grand Secretary and ultimately as District Grand Master (2011 to 2017).

Among some of its humanitarian activities, the District Grand Lodge provides educational grants and scholarships, engages the islands’ children homes by frequently making donations to them, and hosting the homes’ young charges at special events put on by the District.

Among Mr. Shorey’s hobbies are cricket, chess and dominoes. So passionate is he is about these sports that he has played in the Barbados Cricket League (BCL) for Hoyte’s Village and the Police teams, and he is currently Captain of the National Insurance Lifeliners Dominoes Team. Hailing from the rural parish of St. John, he also has a love for animal husbandry and cooking international cuisine.

Mr. Shorey is an avid reader of thrillers, esoteric materials and anything pertaining to the subject of black history.

Mr. Shorey is married to Joy-Ann Michele Parris-Shorey, who is a Senior Finance Manager at the CIBC First Caribbean International Bank.

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