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At Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union, we provide the opportunity for all Barbadians to have ownership in the largest indigenous financial institution in Barbados. We offer affordable loans and credit financing exclusively to our shareholders while providing the means for them to save, invest and grow their hard-earned money and build wealth for the long term.

A credit union is unique: it is a not-for-profit financial institution. Therefore, our focus is not to maximize profits—but to maximize service. We keep our loan interest rates low and our procedures hassle-free but we pay you competitive rates of return on your savings. We are proud of our reputation as an innovative and trusted provider of affordable financial services.

Educating children, acquiring a home, building a business, providing for a secure future… Whatever your need, we are here hand-in-hand to help you realize your dreams and achieve financial success.
Our achievements are built upon the support of tens of thousands of Barbadians just like you. Today, membership in our credit union is open not only to public servants but to any Barbadian national, citizen or resident.

How to get started

To become a member simply visit any of our branches and present the following:

  • Two (2) forms of valid photo identification, e.g. your National Identification Card, Passport or Driver’s License
    • In the event that the person was born in Barbados and only has a Barbados ID card,
      a birth certificate will be accepted
  • Proof of your current home address, e.g. a recent utility bill, bank statement
    • For persons under the age of 21, their address can only be confirmed by their parent
      or legal guardian
    • Over the age of 21 without a proof of address, a form can be collected from the branch which must be filled by a Justice of the Peace
  • A person who is a non-national must have a valid passport along with another valid form of ID
  • A minimum opening deposit of Bds $125. This is made up of an application fee of $5 and your membership qualifying shares of $120.

Joint Membership

A Joint Account can be opened by any two (2) members of the Credit Union who are 18 years or older.

Each party to the Joint Account has the same rights. The account is established by completing a Joint Account Application Form and the signing of the relevant Joint Account Agreement (see here).

There are two types of joint accounts:

  • A Joint AND account: where both parties must consent to any withdrawals and loan transactions
  • A Joint OR account: where either party can consent to withdrawals but both parties are required to sign for loans

Thrift Club

Savings Accounts

Pre-schoolers up to 5 years old (Thrifty Infants) and primary school-age children up to 11 years old (Thrifty Juniors) are allowed savings accounts.

Any adult member may open a Thrift Club savings record for a child. These special savings are attached as record to your own credit union account and are therefore fully under your control.

Membership Accounts

Children 12 – 15 years old (Thrifty Teens) are allowed membership accounts.

Thrifty Teens are allowed an account in their own name and can make deposits. The consent of a parent or legal guardian is required for opening this account. As parent or legal guardian, you’ll be able to maintain oversight on the account, but your membership is not required. Please note that Thrifty Teens must be present for the opening of this account.

When your child reaches age 16, their Thrifty Teens account will automatically convert to a full membership account.

To open a Thrift Club account, simply visit any of our branches and present the following:

  • Parent/Guardian’s  valid photo identification
  • Parent/ Guardian’s proof address no older than 3 months, e.g. a recent utility bill, bank statement
  • Birth Certificate for children under 3 months old or Minor’s identification card for
    children under 15 years.
  • A minimum opening deposit of:
  • $25 for children under 11 years
  • $125 for children 12 to 15 years


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