Popular Questions

  • How do I regularise my dormant account?

    A member’s account becomes dormant when there has been no transacted business with the organisation for a period of 184 days and more. Even though your account will be listed as “dormant,” there will be no changes to your rights until your account has been dormant for 10 years.

    To regularise your dormant account, you are asked to visit any branch of the credit union with the following documentation:

    • Two forms of valid photo I.D.

    • Proof of address – no older than three months

    • Completed General Information Form


    If you’re living overseas, please note that all of your documentation must be authenticated by an official such as a Notary Public as long as you are overseas while conducting business. Click here for information on Foreign Membership.

    Kindly contact our Co-Optima Contact Centre at 622-9000 with any questions.

  • Is BPWCCUL only for public workers?

    No. BPWCCUL membership is open to all Barbadians, resident and non-resident and is no longer restricted only to civil servants.

  • Can I be a member of more than one Credit Union?

    Yes. If you are already a member of another credit union(s) and wish to join BPWCCUL then you must apply for Dual Membership. BPWCCUL will forward your request for dual membership to be approved by the credit union(s) with which you already have membership. Once this has been approved you will be notified.

  • How many accounts can I have at the Credit Union?

    When you join the Credit Union you are automatically provided with one individual member account. If you wish, you may also set up an additional Joint Account.

  • What are share and loan records?

    A member’s credit union account is made up of records. Each new savings, investment or loan product you apply for is added to your existing account as a record.

    Each record has its own ID number.

    Savings and Investment records are identified by an ‘S’ followed by an ID number while Loan records are identified by an ‘L’ followed by an ID number

    The following share records are added automatically when you get your new account.

    Permanent Shares - typically identified S 98

    Primary Share Account – typically identified S 00

    Call Deposits – typically identified S 01

    ITSA (Income Tax Share Account) – typically identified S 97

    Helpful Tip

    Learn your account number and record ID numbers. This makes it quicker and easier to do ATM and Co-Optima Voice transactions as well as deposits and payments using SurePay.

  • How soon can I get a loan after applying for membership?

    As soon as your membership application is approved you can apply for a loan. Notice of your approved membership will be sent by mail.

  • Can I name a beneficiary on my account?

    No. This is because simply naming a beneficiary for a monetary account is not legally binding and can be successfully contested. The Credit Union therefore provides an affordable will preparation service to satisfy this need for members as a part of their financial and estate planning.

  • What documents do I need when applying for a loan?

    The Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union offers affordable financing to our members so that they can best achieve their dreams and aspirations. In addition to the specific requirements outlined in each category on this page, members are asked to present the following documents when applying for any of our loans:

    1. Two (2) forms of valid photo I.D. (Barbados I.D. card, Passport, Drivers’ Licence)*
    2. Two (2) recent pay slips*
    3. Job Letter*
    1. Proof of address - Utility bill (Barbados Water Authority, Barbados Light & Power) or Bank statement in your name.*
    2. *Your Birth Certificate can be used as a second form of identification
    3. *Pay slips, Job letter and Proof of address must not be older than three (3) months

     Do note that the Credit Union is unable to process applications that do not have these documents.

  • What is the process for amending the By-Laws

    1. Proposals for amendments to the By-Laws of the Society may be made to the Board of Directors by any individual or group recognized under the Co-operative Societies Act CAP 378A of the Laws of Barbados, the Co-operative Societies Regulations, 2008 and the BPWCCUL’s By-Laws and Policies.
    2. Recommendations may be made by way of a signed and dated letter or memorandum addressed to the Secretary of the Board of Directors in accordance with the below guidelines:
      1. The correspondence should clearly state the By-Laws to be amended or the new By-Law being proposed;
      2. The reason for, or purpose of, the amendment;
      3. An explanation of why the amendment is desirable and what it is anticipated that the new or amended By-Laws will accomplish for the credit union and/or its members. The explanation should ideally be aligned with, but not limited to any of the following that apply:-
        1. the impact on other or related By-Laws
        2. cooperative principles;
        3. internal or external audit recommendations;
        4. regulatory changes or guidance;
        5. local or regional credit union league guidance (e.g. BCCULL/CCCU);
        6. international credit union standards or guidance (e.g. WOCCU, other credit unions); and
        7. industry standards and trends including activities of other financial institutions.
      4. The recommended wording of the proposed amendment.
    3. The Secretary of the Board of Directors shall acknowledge receipt of proposal(s) within 14 days of receipt and initiate the process for formal consideration.
    4. The Board shall conclude its review of the proposals within no more than 180 days after acknowledgement of receipt; either directly or by forwarding them to the By-Laws Committee for review and consideration at its next meeting.
    5. The By-Laws Committee shall consider all proposals forwarded by the Board and submit a report to the Board containing its conclusions and recommendations within 90 days of its receipt from the Board.
    6. The Board shall consider the report and recommendations of the By-Laws Committee at its next meeting or in any event no more than 90 days after the receipt of the report of the By-Laws Committee. The Board shall communicate its decision, with reasons, to the proposer, within 14 days of its meeting where the report of the By-Laws Committee was fully considered.
    7. The Board shall act in accordance with the Co-operative Societies Act and Regulations and the BPWCCUL’s By-Laws, in attaining membership and regulatory approval for any accepted amendments.


  • What is the purpose of this facility?

    The facility affords credit union members the convenience of being able make deposits or loan payments to their credit union accounts using any SurePay collection point.

  • What credit union payments can I make at SurePay?

    Any deposit or payment currently allowed at our
    Co-Optima Teller ATMs will be taken at SurePay outlets:

    • Share account
    • Personal Loan
    • Deposit account
    • Land Loan
    • Back-to-School Loan
    • Education Loan
    • Car Loan
    • Travel Loan
    • Christmas Loan
    • Line of Credit
    • Land Tax Loan
    • Secured Line of Credit
  • Is there a maximum amount I can pay or deposit to my
    credit union account using SurePay?

    The maximum deposit that can be made at a SurePay collection point is $9,999.99

  • Is there a minimum amount I can pay or deposit using SurePay?


  • On my account statement - whether online or hardcopy - will I see the payments I make using SurePay clearly labeled as such?

    SurePay transactions will be clearly identified for ease of reference.

  • How can I be sure that my credit union information remains confidential?

    The credit union only provides SurePay with enough information to identify each member, specifically, their Name, Address, Credit Union Account Number, and National Registration Number. None of the balances on your account can be viewed at Surepay’s locations thus ensuring that your confidential financial information remains only with the credit union.

  • How can I check that my funds have been deposited?

    Checking up on deposits is easy. Simply call our free Co-Optima Voice Audio Response System from any touch tone phone at 437-8917 or log on to Co-Optima Connect, our free Online Banking service at www.publicworkers.bb to check your transactions.

    Visit to either of our branches in order to sign up for these free services. Queries can also be made to our Contact Centre, Co-Optima Contact at 430-5200.

  • How soon after I make a deposit at SurePay will the funds be available
    for withdrawal from my account?

    If the deposit was made by cheque the usual cheque holdwill be placed on the funds. Cash deposits will be available as soon as they are credited to your account by BPWCCUL.

  • What proof of payment will I receive from SurePay when I make a deposit or payment and how can I be certain that my payment is being credited to the correct account?

    Once the transaction has been completed, the SurePay cashier will issue you with a receipt itemizing the payment(s) made and the account it was applied to.

  • What guarantees do I have that SurePay will transfer the payments to my account?

    Once you are provided with an official receipt by SurePay, The Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited will honour all payments shown on your receipt and will work with SurePay to ensure that that all payments made by you to SurePay for the Credit Union will be credited to your account. Any errors or inconsistencies on the part of SurePay or their agents will not be the liability of the member.

  • What information and/or document will I need to present to the SurePay cashier in order to make a payment?

    It would be useful to have your National Identification card or credit union number on hand to simplify the identification process and speed up your transaction.

  • Can I now make utility bill payments from my credit union account at SurePay?

    No. The SurePay facility only allows deposits into your credit union account.
    SurePay cannot access your credit Union account to allow transfers of any kind.

  • If there is a discrepancy regarding my payment/deposit at SurePay
    who do I contact?

    Queries regarding deposits/payments to the credit union through SurePay should be directed to our Contact Centre at 430-5200.

  • In the event of any delay in processing my loan payment caused by SurePay, BPWCCUL or other technical difficulty, will the credit union charge me loan interest for the delay period?

    No. All deposits/payments will be reflected on members’ accounts as taking place on the day the transaction was made at the SurePay collection point.

  • Can third party cheques be used to make payments at SurePay?

    No. All cheques MUST be made payable to SurePay.

  • Can I make payments/deposits on another member’s account?


Co-Optima Mobile

  • What do I need to use the Co-Optima Mobile banking app?

    You will need to be registered for Co-Optima Online Banking. If you are not registered, please visit your preferred branch of the Credit Union for assistance.

  • What device do I need to use Co-Optima Mobile?

    Co-Optima Mobile Banking works with devices using Apple iO, Google Android™ OS version and is compatible with Blackberry using version 7.0 or higher.

    The full list of supported devices can be found here.

  • How Do I Access Co-Optima Mobile?

    To download the app, search the Apple App Store℠, Android Market or Blackberry App World for “Co-Optima Mobile”.

    Alternately, if you have another web enabled mobile device listed in the supported devices, you can download Co-Optima mobile.

    After you have successfully downloaded the app, use your Co-Optima Online Banking login details to sign in.


  • Is there a charge to use the service?

    There is no charge to download the mobile banking app or use the service.

    Please be aware that your mobile service provider data rates may apply.

  • How secure is the Co-Optima Mobile Banking App?

    The app uses the same level of security as Co-Optima Connect Online Banking. Your password prevents unauthorized access and we advise that you do not save your password details anywhere on your device.

  • I don’t know/forgot my password!

    Give us a call at (246) 430-5200 and our Contact Centre agents will help you reset your password.

    Please remember that your Co-Optima Online Banking and Co-Optima Mobile Banking login details are the same.

  • If my phone is lost or stolen, will my information be at risk?

    No. Your account can only be accessed by entering your password.

  • Can I give you feedback?

    Absolutely! Please use the Apple App Store and Android Market’s rating and review features to let us know what you think, or send us an email with your thoughts.

  • Who do I call if I have a problem?

    Contact our Contact Centre on (246)-430-5200 if you have a:

    • Question about your account
    • Question about Co-Optima Mobile Banking App


  • How can I apply for a job?

    Email your resume along with a cover letter to hr@bpwccul.bb or mail to:

    Group Human Resources Manager
    Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited
    “Olive Trotman House”
    Keith Bourne Complex
    Belmont Road
    St. Michael,


  • How do I know my application was received?

    You will receive an automated response upon submission of your application through the website.

  • How am I made aware of current vacancies?

    Vacancies are posted weekly on our Careers page.

  • Can I change the position I previously applied for?

    Yes, to change the position you applied for, simply forward an updated copy of your resume or a letter indicating this change to the Human Resources Department.

  • How soon will I receive a response about my application?

    Our response depends on availability and only suitable applications will be acknowledged.

  • If I'm not selected for a particular position, do I reapply?

    If you are not selected for particular position, your application would remain on file for six (6) months from the date of submission.

  • How long is the selection process?

    At BPWCCUL, we are dedicated to recruiting the best talent for our team. Applicants are carefully selected based on the requirements for the vacant position. The length of this process is dependent on several factors including the volume of applications and the type of position.

    The first stage is a telephone interview to gauge your level of experience and goals. Once successful, you will be called in for a face-to-face interview and assessment.

Member Update Information

  • If my information has not changed, do I still need to
    visit to update my account?

    Although your information has remained the same, we need to confirmation that it is up-to-date. A bank statement or utility bill (mobile bills excluded) no older than three months are acceptable.

  • What if I have only one form of valid photo ID?

    If you have only one form of ID, it must be a national identification card. An original birth certificate should also be provided. Special Conditions Apply

  • If I recently became a member of BPWCCUL, would I need to
    update my information?

    If you have opened your account within the last six months and none of the information given at that time has changed, you would not be required to update your information. If any information has changed, e.g. employment, residential address, etc. the updated information should be submitted.

  • How can I update my account information if I am living overseas?

    Overseas members can update their account information by having the requested documentation notarized by a Notary Public. Documentation should include the General Information Form, two forms of valid photo identification, valid proof of address and other requested documentation. The notarized documentation can be emailed to contact@bpwccul.bb. The General information form can be can be downloaded here.

    ALL documents sent by email must be notarized by a Notary Public. Additionally, the notarized documents are to be mailed to:

    The Chief Operations Officer
    Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited
    ‘Olive Trotman House’
    Keith Bourne Complex
    Belmont Road
    St. Michael BB14000


  • Is there a way to update my account by email if I am living in Barbados?

    Documentation submitted by email by locals would need to be notarized by a local Notary Public. This should include a completed General Information Form, two forms valid photo identification, valid proof of address and other requested documentation. The documentation van be emailed to contact@bpwccul.bb and the original documents submitted afterwards by mail or in person. The General Information form can be downloaded here.

  • Do I still need to update my information if I recently applied for a loan and submitted proof of address and contact information?

    Once any information submitted differs to what was previously on your account, your information would need to be updated.

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