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  • What is the purpose of this facility?

    The facility affords credit union members the convenience of being able make deposits or loan payments to their credit union accounts using any SurePay collection point.

  • What credit union payments can I make at SurePay?

    Any deposit or payment currently allowed at our
    Co-Optima Teller ATMs will be taken at SurePay outlets:

    • Share account
    • Personal Loan
    • Deposit account
    • Land Loan
    • Back-to-School Loan
    • Education Loan
    • Car Loan
    • Travel Loan
    • Christmas Loan
    • Line of Credit
    • Land Tax Loan
    • Secured Line of Credit
  • Is there a maximum amount I can pay or deposit to my
    credit union account using SurePay?

    The maximum deposit that can be made at a SurePay collection point is $9,999.99

  • Is there a minimum amount I can pay or deposit using SurePay?


  • On my account statement - whether online or hardcopy - will I see the payments I make using SurePay clearly labeled as such?

    SurePay transactions will be clearly identified for ease of reference.

  • How can I be sure that my credit union information remains confidential?

    The credit union only provides SurePay with enough information to identify each member, specifically, their Name, Address, Credit Union Account Number, and National Registration Number. None of the balances on your account can be viewed at Surepay’s locations thus ensuring that your confidential financial information remains only with the credit union.

  • How can I check that my funds have been deposited?

    Checking up on deposits is easy. Simply call our free Co-Optima Voice Audio Response System from any touch tone phone at 437-8917 or log on to Co-Optima Connect, our free Online Banking service at www.publicworkers.bb to check your transactions.

    Visit to either of our branches in order to sign up for these free services. Queries can also be made to our Contact Centre, Co-Optima Contact at 430-5200.

  • How soon after I make a deposit at SurePay will the funds be available
    for withdrawal from my account?

    If the deposit was made by cheque the usual cheque holdwill be placed on the funds. Cash deposits will be available as soon as they are credited to your account by BPWCCUL.

  • What proof of payment will I receive from SurePay when I make a deposit or payment and how can I be certain that my payment is being credited to the correct account?

    Once the transaction has been completed, the SurePay cashier will issue you with a receipt itemizing the payment(s) made and the account it was applied to.

  • What guarantees do I have that SurePay will transfer the payments to my account?

    Once you are provided with an official receipt by SurePay, The Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited will honour all payments shown on your receipt and will work with SurePay to ensure that that all payments made by you to SurePay for the Credit Union will be credited to your account. Any errors or inconsistencies on the part of SurePay or their agents will not be the liability of the member.

  • What information and/or document will I need to present to the SurePay cashier in order to make a payment?

    It would be useful to have your National Identification card or credit union number on hand to simplify the identification process and speed up your transaction.

  • Can I now make utility bill payments from my credit union account at SurePay?

    No. The SurePay facility only allows deposits into your credit union account.
    SurePay cannot access your credit Union account to allow transfers of any kind.

  • If there is a discrepancy regarding my payment/deposit at SurePay
    who do I contact?

    Queries regarding deposits/payments to the credit union through SurePay should be directed to our Contact Centre at 430-5200.

  • In the event of any delay in processing my loan payment caused by SurePay, BPWCCUL or other technical difficulty, will the credit union charge me loan interest for the delay period?

    No. All deposits/payments will be reflected on members’ accounts as taking place on the day the transaction was made at the SurePay collection point.

  • Can third party cheques be used to make payments at SurePay?

    No. All cheques MUST be made payable to SurePay.

  • Can I make payments/deposits on another member’s account?


Co-Optima Mobile


Member Update Information

  • If my information has not changed, do I still need to
    visit to update my account?

    Although your information has remained the same, we need to confirmation that it is up-to-date. A bank statement or utility bill (mobile bills excluded) no older than three months are acceptable.

  • What if I have only one form of valid photo ID?

    If you have only one form of ID, it must be a national identification card. An original birth certificate should also be provided. Special Conditions Apply

  • If I recently became a member of BPWCCUL, would I need to
    update my information?

    If you have opened your account within the last six months and none of the information given at that time has changed, you would not be required to update your information. If any information has changed, e.g. employment, residential address, etc. the updated information should be submitted.

  • How can I update my account information if I am living overseas?

    Overseas members can update their account information by having the requested documentation notarized by a Notary Public. Documentation should include the General Information Form, two forms of valid photo identification, valid proof of address and other requested documentation. The notarized documentation can be emailed to contact@bpwccul.bb. The General information form can be can be downloaded here.

    ALL documents sent by email must be notarized by a Notary Public. Additionally, the notarized documents are to be mailed to:

    The Chief Operations Officer
    Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited
    ‘Olive Trotman House’
    Keith Bourne Complex
    Belmont Road
    St. Michael BB14000


  • Is there a way to update my account by email if I am living in Barbados?

    Documentation submitted by email by locals would need to be notarized by a local Notary Public. This should include a completed General Information Form, two forms valid photo identification, valid proof of address and other requested documentation. The documentation van be emailed to contact@bpwccul.bb and the original documents submitted afterwards by mail or in person. The General Information form can be downloaded here.

  • Do I still need to update my information if I recently applied for a loan and submitted proof of address and contact information?

    Once any information submitted differs to what was previously on your account, your information would need to be updated.

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