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The Credit Union`s Legal Department at the request of members provides legal services relating to Mortgage transactions , assignment of securities- Bonds ,shares, insurance policies and Bill of Sale transactions.

The Legal Department also provides the following:

Powers of Attorney

This is a written document which allows a person to grant legal power to another to effect transactions on their behalf. This document must be signed and witnessed.

  • If it is a general Power of Attorney affecting real property (land) rights or powers to deal with real property, the general Power of Attorney must be registered at the Land Registration Office of Barbados.

A Power of Attorney is issued in circumstances where:

  • ill health prevents you from conducting your own business personally
  • you are out of the jurisdiction and need certain matters handled immediately or in your absence
  • it is simply more convenient for you to do so

There are two (2) different types of Power of Attorney.

General Power of Attorney

A General POA gives the grantee certain general and wide powers to do almost every legal act that you, as grantor, can do in your own right.

This type of POA has to be registered at the Land Registry of Barbados.

Extreme care is needed and careful consideration should be taken before issuing a General POA since it can have a very wide application.

Specific Power of Attorney

A specific POA (or Limited POA) gives the grantee power to perform only a specific transaction

A Power of Attorney does not last forever.

It can be revoked at any time in writing by you or it will be automatically revoked if you have been diagnosed with a mental disability or as at the date of your death.

Call our Contact Centre at 622-9000 or our Legal Department at 622-8911/12/13 to set up an appointment.

Persons should be aware that this document cannot be substituted for a will since it ceases to have power upon the death of the grantor.

Download Application form.

Will preparation services

A Will is a written, signed and witnessed document that allows an individual to make provision for the disposal and distribution of their property and possessions after their death. This can be changed at any time during the life of the individual.

Follow the simple process below and let us help you create your Will and improve your peace of mind.

  1. Complete the Will Preparation Application Form
  2. Call 430-5248/5211 to make an appointment with our General Counsel at
    our Belmont Road Office.
  3. Bring your completed Will Preparation Form with you to the appointment.
  4. The General Counsel will advise you and prepare a Will based on your specific
    instructions and tailored to meet your family situation.
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