Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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  • Can any BPWCCUL Member attend the AGM?

    Yes, all members 16 years and over are entitled to attend any BPWCCUL general meeting.

  • Why do members have to register to attend the meeting(s)?

    Members have always been required to register for our meetings. This ensures the accurate recording of meeting attendees in the minutes of the meetings as required by our regulations. It is therefore necessary that all members continue to register to attend the upcoming AGM/SGM and future occurrences.


    While the registration process was previously manual and done in-person at the meeting location, it transitioned to an online automated process with the advent of COVID and has continued since. This change to online provides the additional benefit of ensuring meeting access to a greater number of members, especially those who wish to attend the meetings but cannot be physically present on the day.


    For purposes of effective meeting management our preferred option is for registration to be completed before the meeting date.

  • How do I register to attend the AGM and what information is required?

    Registration for the Annual General Meeting is completed online.

    The registration link is accessible via our website:

    The following will be required to register:


    • A valid email address
    • Your BPWCCUL account number
    • Your Barbados National Registration Number

    A registration confirmation will be sent to the email address used and you should follow the instructions received in the email.

    Once approved for in-person attendance, please ensure that you bring your Barbados National I.D. card with you.

  • How do I vote in this year’s elections?

    For members attending the AGM virtually, elections will be conducted online via the AGM Convene mobile and web facility. On AGM day, when signed in and viewing the meeting’s proceedings, please follow the prompts on the screen and the instructions of the moderator on when and how to successfully cast your votes.

    Members attending the AGM in person who are participating in the elections, will be required to vote for their candidates of choice in-person using the electronic counting system used at previous BPWCCUL AGMs.

  • I have an AGM related question - who do I contact for assistance?

    Please contact the AGM Helpdesk via email at or via telephone at 232-3290/91 Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

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