Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Can any BPWCCUL Member attend the AGM at 9.00 am and the SGM at 1.00 p.m.?

    Yes, all members 16 years and over are entitled to attend any BPWCCUL general meeting.

  • Why do members have to register to attend the meeting(s)?

    Members have always been required to register for our meetings. This ensures the accurate recording of meeting attendees in the minutes of the meetings as required by our regulations. It is therefore necessary that all members continue to register to attend the upcoming AGM/SGM and future occurrences.


    While the registration process was previously manual and done in-person at the meeting location, it transitioned to an online automated process with the advent of COVID and has continued since. This change to online provides the additional benefit of ensuring meeting access to a greater number of members, especially those who wish to attend the meetings but cannot be physically present on the day.


    For purposes of effective meeting management our preferred option is for registration to be completed before the meeting date.

  • Why is the AGM/SGM not being hosted at a bigger venue than the Frank Collymore Hall?

    The members at the meeting of 3 December 2022, passed a motion for the continuation of    the adjourned AGM and the scheduling of a SGM on a specific date - 14 January 2023.


    Other venues, including our traditional meeting locations, which have greater capacity for in-person attendance and which could facilitate both in-person and virtual attendance were not available for this date. Following the consideration of a number of available alternatives, the Frank Collymore Hall was selected as the most suitable location.

  • Where is the registration link and what information is required to register?

    The registration link is accessible via our website:

    The following will be required to register:

    • A valid email address
    • Your BPWCCUL account number
    • Your Barbados National Registration Number

    Please note that a choice of in-person attendance will require approval as space at the venue is limited based on seating capacity. A registration confirmation will be sent to the email address used and you should follow the instructions received in the email.

    Once approved for in-person attendance at the Frank Collymore Hall, please ensure that you bring the following with you:

    • Barbados National ID Card
    • A personal device – either phone, laptop or tablet – this will be used for you to submit your votes.
  • What if members previously registered or attended the December 3, 2022 meeting and want to attend the meetings on January 14, 2022?

    If you previously registered and attended the adjourned AGM on December 3, 2022, you will be allowed to participate in the upcoming meetings in the same manner in which you were previously approved i.e. either in person or online only.

    You will need to use the login credentials from the previous meeting to access the new meeting. If you cannot recall those details, you are encouraged to visit the registration site via: and proceed with the process for forgotten passwords.

  • What if members did not previously register but want to attend either of the meetings on January 14, 2022?

    Members attending either meeting, who did not previously register for the December 3, 2022 AGM, will need to complete the full registration process. Refer to the question “Where is the registration link and what information is required to register?” for information on how to do so.


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