BPWCCUL Co-optima Advance
Co-optima Advance Line-of-Credit
With Co-optima Advance you can access your Line-of-Credit at any CarIFS ATM or Point of Sale island wide in Batbados.

Will my existing Co-Optima Card still work?

Yes. The Co-Optima Advance Card accesses your line-of-credit only. You should therefore continue to use your regular Co-Optima Card as usual.

How soon can I start using my Co-Optima Advance Card?

You can start using your Co-Optima Advance Card the very next day after you receive it.

Which CarIFS option do I select to use Co-Optima Advance?

CarIFS:           Means:

“Savings”        line-of-credit
“Checking”     share secured line-of-credit

Are there any fees for using the card?

There is no annual fee for the Co-Optima Advance Card. Transaction fees will apply as follows:

Are there any daily limits on the use of the card?

Yes. The maximum daily withdrawal amount is $1,500 across ATMs plus $2,500 at POS. This is in addition to the limits on your regular card.

What happens if my card is lost or damaged?

If your card is lost or stolen you should immediately report it to one of the branches or the Contact Centre. There will be a $10 replacement fee for lost and stolen cards. If your card is damaged or stops working, we will replace it for free.

Is there an expiration date?

The Co-Optima Advance Card will expire three years from the date of issue. At this time a replacement card will be issued.

Co-Optima Advance Smart Tip

Avoid unnecessary fees by checking your balances first using any of our free Co-Optima services:




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