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Borrow up to 3X your gross salary and plan your next staycation or even that trip abroad!

  • Easily accessible using the BPWCCUL Debit Mastercard
  • Revolving balance on declining balance

* Quickly transfer funds from your Line-of Credit to your Call Deposit using the Co-Optima Mobile App


Choose the perfect set of wheels and enjoy those morning rides with your loved ones!

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You will require:

New Vehicles

An invoice from garage/letter from vendor confirming purchase price as well as details of the vehicle. Details at minimum shall include:

  • engine & chassis numbers or Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N)
  • year, colour and model of vehicle
  • confirmation of comprehensive insurance coverage from an Insurance company.

Used Vehicles

  • A letter of certification of ownership from the vendor confirming that the vehicle is free from prior charges, loans, judgements; or where the vehicle is encumbered or subject to an existing loan, confirmation of balances should be provided.
  • Confirmation in writing from the vendor of the purchase price of the vehicle
  • Confirmation of payment of comprehensive insurance or coverage of third party insurance or quotation for insurance premium.
  • A valuation report not more than three (3) months old from an authorised dealer
  • An up-to-date Road Worthy Certificate from an authorised dealer
  • A current Insurance Cover Note in the name of the seller or current Insurance Certificate
  • A letter from the seller confirming the intent to sell and the price.


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Make Loan Payments

No Fees!

Bonus Information and Tips:

  • All transactions attempted via the RTP service will be done using the Call Deposit (01) share record. Please remember to check your balance before attempting to send a payment.
  • Members are reminded to be cognizant of the details they enter when using the RTP service as they are responsible for the accuracy of this information.
  • One of the thirty-two transaction purpose codes listed must be used when completing a transaction. There is no provision for input of any other codes e.g. miscellaneous.
  • We recommend that you turn on transaction alerts via Co-Optima Online Banking. This may assist you in the early detection of fraudulent activity on your account and help you to stay informed.
  • Queries around any perceived discrepancies must be reported to the credit union within 72 hours. Submit your completed Real-time Payments (RTP) Online Dispute Form via email to
  • A refund is not guaranteed for disputed transactions
  • Resolution of disputed transactions can take up to 90 days.




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Collect your BPWCCUL Master Debit Card today!

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  • Use Globally
  • Enjoy Special Savings at our Discount Partners

To receive your BPWCCUL Mastercard® Debit Card, ensure that your account information is up-to-date!


As part of regulatory requirements and to ensure that we keep you connected to what is happening with your account, you are required to submit your up-to-date information to us, even if your information has not changed within the last year as we must also report on the recency of your information on file.

Additionally, new BPWCCUL Mastercard ® Debit Card will be distributed to eligible members by postal mail. To ensure that you receive your card, you are required to update your account information.



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