Consolidated Annual Report 2021

55 BARBADOS PUBLIC WORKERS’ CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT UNION LIMITED | CONSOLIDATED ANNUAL REPORT 2021 BARBADOS PUBLIC WORKERS’ CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT UNION LIMITED Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements For the year ended March 31, 2021 (Expressed in Barbados dollars) 28 2. Accounting Policies, continued (h) Property and equipment Property and equipment are carried at cost less accumulated depreciation and any accumulated impairment losses. Subsequent costs are included in the asset's carrying amount or recognised as a separate asset, only when it is probable that future economic benefits associated with the item will flow to the Group and the cost of the item can be measured reliably. All other repairs and maintenance are included in the consolidated statement of income during the financial period in which they are incurred. Gains and losses on disposals are determined by comparing proceeds with carrying amounts and these are included in the consolidated statement of income. The assets' residual values, useful lives and depreciation methods are reviewed and adjusted, if appropriate, at each reporting date. Items of property and equipment are depreciated from the date they are available for use. Depreciation is recognised in the consolidated statement of income on the straight-line basis, at rates designed to write off the cost of the assets over the periods of their estimated useful lives. Land is not depreciated. The following annual rates apply: Buildings Motor vehicles Furniture and equipment Leasehold improvements 2.00% - 4.00% 20.00% 10.00% - 33.33% 10.00% - 33.33% (i) Leases At inception of a contract, the Group assesses whether a contract is, or contains, a lease. A contract contains a lease if the contract conveys the right to control the use of an identified asset for a period of time in exchange for consideration. To assess whether a contract conveys the right to control the use of an identified asset, the Group uses the definition of a lease in IFRS 16. This policy is applied to contracts entered into (or changed) on or after April 1, 2019. Group acting as a lessee At commencement or on modification of a contract that contains a lease component, the Group allocates consideration in the contract to each lease component on the basis of its relative stand- alone price. The Group recognises a right-of-use asset and a lease liability at the lease commencement date. The right-of-use asset is initially measured at cost, which comprises the initial amount of the lease liability adjusted for any lease payments made at or before the commencement date, plus any initial direct costs incurred and an estimate of costs to dismantle and remove any improvements made to branches or office premises. The right-of-use asset is subsequently depreciated using the straight-line method from the commencement date to the end of the lease term. In addition, the right-of-use asset is periodically reduced by impairment losses, if any, and adjusted for certain remeasurements of the lease liability.