Consolidated Annual Report 2021

23 BARBADOS PUBLIC WORKERS’ CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT UNION LIMITED | CONSOLIDATED ANNUAL REPORT 2021 Initiative Amount Impact (# of persons) Grant Funding $177,300.00 2,245 Food Support $10,800.00 47 families Lifelong Skills Training $12,000.00 20 students Duke of Edinburgh International Awards $17,000.00 600 New Growth Aquaponics Project $120,000.00 500 Face Masks $10,000.00 1,000 Legacy Foundation is committed to actively contributing to projects that have constructive long-term impact but we cannot do it without your assistance. Your contributions and donations, which are tax deductible, are needed and welcomed as we seek to fill those overlooked needs in our communities. To play a part you may either visit any of our branches to use the donations boxes which are present or contact the Foundation online at www legacyfoundation org for further information or instructions on donating. Matters of Significance – Key Updates The past year has been one of review and recalibration as the various changes that have been taking place around us, required us to revisit and assess our operating processes and frameworks. Additionally, the timelines and priorities previously associated with many of our projects were reassessed as they were negatively impacted by way of delays and temporary pauses as we dealt with the reality of an environment of lock-downs, shut-ins and restrictions on work activities in various forms. In some instances the changes forced upon us resulted in different perspectives being forged and opportunities for improvements being seized. Thrift Club Programme Our junior savers and the associated thrift club programme are a critical part of who we are, and are even more important as we help our members to navigate these uncertain times. More than ever it is critical that we empower our youth with the important life-skill of being financially aware and responsible. The thrift club does this by introducing our young savers to the concept of money and the value of sound money management practices. The importance of building a savings habit from an early age is always emphasised as we subscribe to the view that empowering our junior members at this early stage of their life will lead to a generation of financially responsible adults in the future. Through our schools savers programme we continue to work with committed teachers and students at a number of primary and secondary schools across the island, and are proud of having established the first student-run branches locally. These school branches provide a great learning experience and opportunity for all involved, as they allow students to develop not only financial literacy skills, but also work-life skills through their participation in the operations of the school branch. We make every effort to have the operations of the school branches mirror the workings of an actual branch, providing opportunities that will benefit them for years to come through the development of leadership and other important inter-personal skills. As we note the contributions that our past junior members are making in all spheres of Barbadian life, we remain committed to the ongoing development of this programme and by so doing the ongoing development of our Credit Union and wider society. With its many added features, the new BPWCCUl Mastercard will become a big part of your everyday life!